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Located in Idaho's panhandle, the city of Dalton Gardens offers a peaceful, semi-rural lifestyle with close proximity to services from adjacent larger municipalities. Welcome to Dalton Gardens! 

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PLEASE remember to SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER when passing an emergency vehicle on the side of the road with its emergency lights on. Idaho Statute 49-624 mandates this for First Responder safety.  The KCSO Deputy assigned to Dalton Gardens has had several near misses of being struck while conducting traffic stops.  Thank you!

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Dalton Gardens Utilities are a mix of private and public companies. The city does not own or control the utilities. Dalton Water (208)772-5639 and Dalton Irrigation (208) 635-5545
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Dalton Gardens is home to 140 small businesses.  When you're looking for a product or a service, please be sure to check out our own Dalton Garden Businesses first!
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Pets & Wildlife

All wild animals are unpredictable and caution is the watchword when they are around. Problems occur when people attempt to feed wildlife or treat them like domestic animals.
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Activities & Recreation

There are many ways to explore our beautiful area. Whether by foot, wheels, skis, or horseback, there is something for everyone! We are currently accepting reservations. Please use the NEW ONLINE PORTAL to reserve facilities.