LOAD LIMITS are removed effective 4/3/2023

Load Limits

Types  of  Load Restrictions   Depending upon  the  type  of  road  construction,  the  amount  of  moisture,  temperature  conditions  and  the  severity  of frost  heaves  and  breakup,  roads  or sections  of roads,  the  following  restrictions  will be  posted  in  order  to  protect  the roadway  and  to  ensure  public  safety:
1.  Maximum  of  10,000  pounds  on  steering  axle  (9  inch  minimum  tire  width)  
2.  Maximum  of  300  pounds  per  inch  of tire  –  all other  axles  
3.  25  mile  per  hour  speed  limit  
The  load  bearing  capacity  of a City’s  roadway  may  be  temporarily  restored  by  a  freeze-up  of  the  pavement  after  a section  has  been  posted  for load  and  speed  restrictions.  Typically,  during cold  weather  snaps,  trucks  and  heavy equipment  may  be  granted  access  to  roadways  in  the  City  of  Dalton  Gardens  after  temperatures  have dropped  to  20 degrees  Fahrenheit for  three successive nights.  SPEED  RESTRICTIONS  Streets  within  Dalton  Gardens  are  restricted  to  25 miles  an  hour  unless  otherwise  posted.  During periods  when  road  weight  limits  are  enforced,  trucks  and  buses  with  a gross  weight  of  10,000  pounds  or  more  will be  restricted  to  a  maximum  speed  of  25  miles  per hour  on  all  City  roads. 

Snow Plowing Information

Inclement weather is coming. Our snowplow team would like to remind everyone of the following items:

  • Per Dalton Gardens City Code 9-1-3 it is, "unlawful for any person to push or stockpile snow from private property into public streets, highways, or rights of way." 
  • Per Dalton Gardens City Code 5-12-2-A(11) no vehicles may be parked in the city right of way when there is measurable snow.
  • Please be sure all vehicles, trailers, AND garbage cans are removed from the street during times of snow or ice. 
  • You may put reflectors along the edge of your yard during winter months. Reflectors may not protrude into the street or they will get clipped by the snowplows and/or grader